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Call for case studies: Yearbook of Global Climate Action

The Yearbook of Global Climate Action is an annual report compiled by
The Yearbook of Global Climate Action is an annual report compiled by the High-Level Champions which provides an important snapshot of climate action globally, highlighting key examples of climate action per thematic area.

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#BuildingTOCOP27 Cairo Workshop

#BuildingtoCOP27 Coalition meet COP27 Presidency in Egypt

Partners and experts, from the urban and the climate communities discussed concepts and mechanisms to reach more sustainable cities in the Sustainable Cities Initiative Workshop, hosted by the COP27 Presidency of Egypt in collaboration with The United Nations Human Settlements Programme.

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WorldGBC launches Beyond the Business Case — a groundbreaking report outlining why real estate businesses can’t afford NOT to invest in sustainability

The World Green Building Council (WorldGBC), a global network accelerating sustainability and decarbonisation in the building and construction sector, has set out the updated value proposition to drive investment in a sustainable built environment by launching a new flagship report ‘Beyond the Business Case’ at COP26 in Glasgow.

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No more excuses — no more bad buildings

COP26 has finally arrived in Glasgow, and the critical need for decisive climate action has never been greater. Our sector’s demand for natural resources fuels the climate crisis, and inefficient, unhealthy buildings affect our livelihoods.

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Bringing COP26 to people everywhere

A blog from Google: Recent research has found that more than 70% of the global population is concerned or fearful about climate change. So we’re focused on making this year’s conference accessible to everyone.

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