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France is championing the development of a buildings breakthrough

The GlobalABC Secretariat is pleased to announce that France is committed to championing the development of a Buildings Breakthrough as part of the Breakthrough Agenda.

The Breakthrough Agenda was launched at COP26 in Glasgow by 45 countries representing more than 70% of global GDP, with all G7 members endorsing the Agenda. The goal is to accelerate clean technology transitions in each sector through strengthened international collaboration, cooperation and coordination. So far, the “Glasgow Breakthroughs” have been launched in 5 sectors, namely steel, hydrogen, road transport, power, and agriculture. 

While buildings are responsible for close to 40% of energy-related global CO2 emissions, a Buildings Breakthrough was not amongst these Glasgow Breakthroughs. However, the French Ministry of Ecological Transition has recently confirmed that it will take the lead on the development of a Buildings Breakthrough in close cooperation with the GlobalABC and with strong support from the BuildingToCOP Coalition in the run-up to COP27.

This commitment has also been mentioned by Stéphane Crouzat, French Climate Ambassador, during the side event Buildings and construction – understanding emissions and setting targets for ETF & global stocktake​ at UN Bonn Climate Change Conference.

Countries and organisations interested in taking part in and/or supporting the development of the Buildings Breakthrough are invited to contact the GlobalABC Secretariat at

Stay tuned for the official launch!